Benefit from 24/7 control over your tire pressure!

Choose safety and save euros with tire pressure monitoring

FOBO tire pressure monitoring system: optimal control

Measure real-time tire pressure with a FOBO Bluetooth tire pressure system/Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This way you are always aware of your tire pressure and tire temperature. Our tire pressure system, the world's most advanced TPMS, is extremely environmentally friendly and user-friendly. With the
With the FOBO app on your smartphone you have complete control over your tire pressure. Everywhere and 24/7. You will then benefit from:

Extra safety: better grip and prevention of blowouts
Extra driving comfort: more stable road holding.
Lower costs: partly due to less fuel consumption and wear.
Environmental savings: less CO2 and particulate matter emissions.

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6 smart tire pressure warning levels

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With FOBO TPMS faster warning and more insight

A standard tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in your passenger car, caravan, camper, horse trailer, trailer/trailer or van almost always only reports if the tire pressure deviates from 20%. A Bluetooth FOBO TPMS already warns of a deviation from 8%! An equally important advantage of a FOBO tire monitor: the handy FOBO app gives you considerably more information, insight and control than the LCD screen or dashboard light from car manufacturers or other providers. With a FOBO TPMS you opt for maximum safety, extra driving comfort, a significant reduction in your costs and better environmental friendliness.

Check tire pressure 24/7

FOBO TPMS gives you 24/7 insight and control over the tire pressure and temperature of all your connected vehicles. Before, during and after your ride. You can also download and view historical data.


Free FOBO app: control everywhere, even without internet

The extremely user-friendly FOBO app on your smartphone or tablet is free and also works without an internet connection. Suitable for iPhones from iOS 9.3 APPSTORE and Android 5.0 and higher: PLAYSTORE



I have the caps on the camper and it works great. No more hassle measuring wheel pressure at a pump station.-Eric
Fast and correct handling. Great product- Kees
Great product! You will receive a message via the app if the tire pressure is too low and you can take action. No more wasting energy due to weak tires. Recommended!-Astrid

Easy to install

Installed within 5 minutes. Download the app, replace your current valve caps with the FOBO valve sensors, follow the manual and use your own FOBO TPMS.


Anti theft

The special anti-theft nuts for our valve sensors prevent theft. The valve sensors are also worthless to others. Because they are linked to your personal account.


Combine with your navigation app

With the innovative Android overlay function you can see your tire pressure simultaneously with the information from a navigation app such as Google Maps.