Drive safely with your trailer/trailer. Choose the world's best tire pressure system

Want to be assured of maximum safety when driving your trailer or trailer tent?
Then choose a FOBO tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).
This saves you all kinds of costs and is good for the environment.

FOBO Tire 2 TPMS: for all vehicles with a tire pressure of up to 8.0 bar

FOBO Tire 2 is the world's best TPMS system (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) that works with Bluetooth 5.0 and can be connected directly to your smartwatch with Android or iOS software. The FOBO Tire 2 system, specially developed for trailers or trailer tents with tires up to a tire pressure of 8.0 bar (800kPa/ 116psi). It is more reliable than standard built-in systems with an LCD screen. With the FOBO app you always and everywhere have more accurate and comprehensive information about tire pressure than mechanical systems and systems from other providers.

Plus, it alerts you faster. Comparable systems often only report a change in pressure if there is a deviation from 20%. The innovative FOBO Tire 2 tire pressure monitoring system warns you of a change of 8% compared to the ideal tire pressure. With FOBO you choose optimal control, maximum savings, maximum safety and environmentally conscious driving.

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Why a tire monitor for your trailer/trailer?

A FOBO tire monitor (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) offers you all kinds of advantages, including extra safety. On average, you will recoup the costs of purchasing a FOBO Tire 2 system for your trailer/trailer within approximately 1 year.

Save control time

A modern car has a standard tire pressure system (TPMS) built in. However, this only provides information about the tires of the car itself. Not over the tires of the trailer or trailer tents. You will therefore not receive a warning if you drive while your trailer or trailer has a flat tire. With the FOBO Tire 2 TPMS you know exactly what the pressure of those tires is - everywhere and always. You do not have to go to the air pump every time to check the tire pressure of your trailer or trailer tent. And you have the peace of mind that all tires have the correct tire pressure.

Save up to 4% of fuel

TNO research has shown that a vehicle with 20% undervoltage already consumes 4% more fuel. Many motorists check the tire pressure of their car monthly, but the tire pressure check for their trailer/trailer trailer is often inadequate. As a result, many cars take to the road with a trailer or trailer with underinflated tires. A shame of course, because that's what they throw
4% away in fuel costs. Of course you don't want those costs. And they are also completely unnecessary: buy and install a FOBO Tire 2 TPMS.

25% longer lifespan of your tires

Driving with 20% underinflation also increases the wear on your tires: up to 25%! If you drive with the correct tire pressure, your tires will last a quarter longer. The temperature of the tires can also rise quickly. Especially on trailers and trailer tents, which are often not driven permanently and are less well maintained, the tires are usually used for longer than is responsible. There is also the risk of the tires drying out over time. The peak load on a trailer can quickly cause a blowout. Of course you don't want to have to replace a tire on a fully loaded trailer or trailer tent. And the last thing you want is for cargo to fall off your trailer or trailer tent.

Good for the environment

Higher fuel consumption and additional wear due to undervoltage have a major impact on the environment. The mobility climate table has calculated that if all passenger cars, including those with a trailer or trailer tent, were driven at the correct voltage, the Netherlands would emit 0.6 Mton CO2 less! That would
the Climate Agreement's objective of emitting 0.5 Mton less can be achieved immediately. The fine dust and coarse dust that comes from tires with too low pressure also has a major impact on the environment. Prevent unnecessary pollution along the way. Very easy: with a FOBO Tire 2 tire pressure monitor.

Increase safety

Tire pressure has a direct effect on the control of your vehicle. Undervoltage increases your braking distance and reduces stability. In combination with the extra weight of your trailer/trailer, this can create life-threatening situations. With a Fotob Tire 2 TPMS you choose control and safety.

6 smart tire pressure warning levels

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Free FOBO app: 24/7 control everywhere

  • 24/7 insight and control over the tire pressure and temperature of all your connected vehicles. Before, during and after your ride.
  • Unique: also works without an internet connection.
  • Download and view historical data.
  • 6 warning levels: 3 for overvoltage and 3 for undervoltage.

App is suitable for iPhones from iOS 9.3 APPSTORE and Android 5.0 and higher  PLAYSTORE


Total package FOBO Tire 2 TPMS for your trailer/trailer

Install the FOBO app, replace your current valve caps with the FOBO valve sensors and get started right away. The FOBO Tire 2 total package for your trailer/trailer consists of:
– 4 wireless tire sensors.
– 1 wireless In-Car voltage meter.
– Dutch user manual.
- To belong

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I have the caps on the camper and it works great, no more hassle measuring wheel pressure at a pump station.-Eric
Fast and correct handling. Great product- Kees
Great product! You will receive a message via the app if the tire pressure is too low and you can take action. No more wasting energy due to weak tires. Recommended!-Astrid

Easy to install

Installed within 5 minutes. Download the app, replace your current valve caps with the FOBO valve sensors, follow the manual and use your own FOBO TPMS.


Anti theft

The special anti-theft nuts for our valve sensors prevent theft. The valve sensors are also worthless to others. Because they are linked to your personal account.


Combine with your navigation app

With the innovative Android overlay function you can see your tire pressure simultaneously with the information from a navigation app such as Google Maps.